Army appointments

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In addition to their ranks, Warrant Officers and Staff Sergeants often hold appointments..

Warrant Officer First Class (WO1)

  • Conductor (RLC)
  • Academy Sergeant Major (AcSM) RMAS
  • Garrison Sergeant Major, London District (GSMLD)
  • Royal Artillery Sergeant Major
  • Master Gunner RA
  • Garrison Sergeant Major, except London District
  • Regimental Corporal Major (RCM) - Household Cavalry
  • Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM)
  • Bandmaster
  • Staff Sergeant Major RLC or AGC(SPS)
  • Foreman of Signals Sergeant Major (RS)
  • Clerk of Works Sergeant Major (RE)
  • Artificer Sergeant Major
  • Superintending draughtsman
  • Farrier Corporal Major - Household Cavalry

The three most senior warrant officer appointments in the British Army are generally considered to be, in descending order of seniority, the Conductor RLC, Academy Sergeant Major, and the Garrison Sergeant Major, London District, although there is some debate about their precedence within the army.

Warrant Officers with appointments have Laurel Wreathes around their insignia

Warrant Officer 2nd Class (WO2)

Regimental duty appointments

  • Company Sergeant Major (CSM)
  • Squadron Sergeant Major (SSM)
  • Battery Sergeant Major (BSM)
  • Squadron Corporal Major (SCM) in Household Cavalry

Appointments as Quarter Master and Technical Grades:

  • Regimental QMS (RQMS) - RQMC in HCR
  • Artificer QMS (AQMS)
  • Foreman of Signals Quartermaster Sergeant
  • Band Sergeant Major (BSM) - BCM in HCR
  • Quartermaster Sergeant Instructor (QMSI) APTC, RE

From 1938, there was also a rank of Warrant Officer Class III. The only appointments held by this rank were Platoon Sergeant Major, Troop Sergeant Major and Section Sergeant Major. The WOIII wore a crown on his lower sleeve. The rank was placed in suspension in 1940 and no new appointments were made, but it was never officially abolished.

Staff Sergeant

  • Colour Sergeant (CSgt, C/Sgt) - Infantry, RM
  • Staff Corporal - HCR
  • Company/Squadron/Battery Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS, SQMS, BQMS)